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Exhaust Fans


Roof mounted exhaust fans are designed for heavy duty commercial/industrial use and fabricated by the industries top manufacturers. Sizes 6" thru 60", we have an exhaust fan for virtually any type of performance requirement and application ranging from clean air to restaurant exhaust. Direct drive, belt drive, upblast, downblast, centrifugal, propeller, hooded fans and supply fans.


The most simple meaning of an exhaust fan is a fan that pushes air from a bounded area, particularly from the interior of a house. They are also identified by the term ‘whole-house fan’. All these fans are supposed to pull the hot air from a house, of which it would then commonly be vented into the attic, where it is then forced out of the home fully through different vents.

The push-pull pressure that results from this kind of system creates the ability to draw in cold air from the outside when the house’s windows are open. This particular system is a good way to quickly cool a home, or any other type of enclosed building; it’s also an incredible cost-effective alternative to utilizing an air conditioner.

Another added benefit is that these fans are energy efficient, are much smaller in size, and are typically quiet Exhaust Fans come in 2 varieties: ceiling mounted and ducted; there’s also a ‘do-it-yourself’ set up, for those home owners who are handy-men. When thinking about the house, an excellent home airflow system would include both a cooking area exhaust fan and a rest room exhaust fan.

About the bathroom, bathroom exhaust fans are made to be rather powerful; they’ve got a specific use as to ridding the room of odors, and ridding the area and the rest of the house, of humid air. With these kinds of fans, it’s important however, to ensure they are correctly installed, because the result of a lousy set up can lead to the presence of mold, and coincidentally, the rotting of wood.

Putting in the fan vent through the roof of a house is commonly the very best course of action. As for kitchen exhaust fans; just as rest room fans would clear out odors, the kitchen variety will easily rid the cooking area of both its various odors as well as its smoke. It is crucial that kitchen exhaust fans are venting air directly out of the home, not just to get the most out of the fan, but also for the safety of those who live within the house.

Kitchens typically come with a basic exhaust fan, however these basic fans re-circulate the air they take in, to then redirect it higher inside the area, rather than extracting it from the room completely.